Charitable Gift Annuities Provide Payments in Retirement and Then Provide Gifts to Favorite Charities  

Rev. Sara Owen-Gemoets’ life has been in service to the church and those in need in her community. As a retired United Methodist pastor, she has primarily focused her charitable giving on the needs of children and the unhoused. Influenced by her faith and generous spirit, she deeply understands the transformative power of philanthropic giving.

Aware of the natural worry of potentially outlving one’s retirement income, Rev. Owen-Gemoets smartly established a series of Charitable Gift Annuities (CGAs) to provide her with fixed monthly payments for life and then giving the remainder to the charities of her choosing. 

Rev. Owen-Gemoets is a strong proponent of CGAs and wants more people to know about them as a tool for both retirement planning and giving. When her simple CGA contracts mature, she will provide gifts to Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch and Methodist Children’s Home, serving children, youth, and their families; Angela’s House, serving medically fragile children; the Wesley Center in Houston, providing comprehensive services to the entire community; and The Beacon, dedicated to restoring hope and ending homelessness in Houston.

It has been important for Rev. Owen-Gemoets to partner with an organization with an established history of serving the church, financial expertise, and a shared set of values. “My heart is in the United Methodist Church and serving my community,” says Rev. Owen-Gemoets. “Texas Methodist Foundation’s established financial track record and commitment to the church and the communities it serves have made them an ideal partner for me and my family.”

To learn more about Charitable Gift Annuities, please contact Justin Gould at 512-583-1944.